2012 Presidio La Bahia Book Award

Jesse O. Villarreal, Sr. Receives 2012 Presidio La Bahia Book Award

On December 1, 2012, the 2012 Presidio La Bahia Award was presented to Jesse O. Villarreal, Sr. at the Presidio La Bahia in Goliad, Texas for his book Tejano Patriots of the American Revolution 1776-1783.  The award is presented by the Sons of the Republic of Texas to promote the suitable preservation of relics, appropriate dissemination of data, and research into our Texas heritage, with particular attention to the Spanish Colonial period.

Details of Tejano Patriots of the American Revolution 1776-1783 are listed below:

1. It’s a story about Tejanos in Goliad and San Antonio de Bexar who aided General Bernardo de Galvez by providing cattle to feed his troops fighting in the campaign against the British along the Gulf Coast between 1779-1782. The cattle drives to New Orleans were driven by the soldiers, vaqueros and Indians. In all, there were 12 of these cattle drives and totaled about 9,000 cattle.  The soldiers and civilians that aided in the American Revolution are in the Census of 1779 (Presidio San Antonio de Bexar) and 1780 (Presidio La Bahia del Espiritu Santo).     Also, The King of Spain, Carlos III, issued a decree on August 17, 1780, that “all Subjects in the Americas were to donate money.” He stated that Spanish citizens would donate 2 pesos and the Indians, one peso, toward the war effort.
The research with the Census of Goliad and San Antonio de Bexar shows who these people and soldiers were at the time of the American Revolution that contributed those (donativos) or donations.

2. This book is already being used as a Genealogy reference for anyone wanting to connect to the soldiers or general population and is available at the DAR library in Washington, D. C. and in the SAR library in Louisville, Ky.

3. Tejano Patriots of the American Revolution 1776-178, contains historical accounts of Mr. Villarreal’s ancestors and includes several of his great- grandfathers mentioned throughout the book.  A ninth generation Tejano, he descends from the first soldiers who arrived and settled in San Antonio de Bexar in 1718.  His ancestors include members of the Canary Islanders who established the Villa de San Fernando de Bexar in 1731 and also some of the first ranchers of Texas who later provided cattle for the troops of General Bernardo de Galvez during the American Revolution.


From left to right: David Hanover, KSJ President General of the SRT, Jesse O. Villarreal, Sr., and O. Scott Dunbar, KSJ Past President General of the SRT


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