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The American Revolution was a monumental event in our nation that continues to reverberate over the world even today.  We stand in awe of those brave and dedicated individuals who held steadfast to their beliefs of independence, individual freedom, and self-government. We are all familiar with the more famous revolutionaries such as Washington, Jefferson, Madison, Lafayette, Rochambeau, Von Steuben, Pulaski, Kosciuszko, and many others.  We should remember, also, that Tejano names like Hernández, Carvajal, Menchaca, Rodríguez, Martínez, Cazorla, Curbelo, etc., were also contributors in the successful outcome of this struggle.  These were Spanish surnames of presidial soldiers, ranchers, vaqueros, citizens, and American Indians who lived in that part of New Spain known as Texas. We ask ourselves: Who all were they and what were their names? What was their daily life like? How did they help the American Revolution?

After three years of research, author Jesse O. Villarreal, Sr., has written and published a book titled TEJANO PATRIOTS OF THE AMERICAN REVOLUTION 1776-1783, which provides a three-fold effect:  firstly, it will enable the reader to answer the questions stated above; secondly, it provides enlightenment about facts that have been omitted from our history books much too long; and thirdly, it will assist individuals working on their genealogy.  This book, through collections of first person accounts and compilations of other historical documents, including complete rosters, provides a spotlight on a critical period in Texas.

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